NOTD: China Glaze Release


CGRelease2I have been getting back into the swing of things! Here is a nail of the day! (*cheers*!!!) YAY!

Today, I have for you Release from the China Glaze The Giver collection. I applied two coats to all fingers except the ring finger. I had intentions of adding a glitter topper and completely forgot to apply it! Whoops! The ring finger has just one coat of Release.

Release is a really soft and lovely grey purple shade of nail polish. I thought it was nicely understated and perfect for a nice transition into fall. It’s super hot here in Southern California, and I am anxiously awaiting the cooler temps to arrive. Soon, I hope… soon. <3 I did spot these at my local Sallys Beauty Supply so hopefully you can still grab them!

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OH and I found a new nail polish channels to watch! You will love them!
Phoebe Moon ♥ (Live swatches of nail polish collections and reviews!)
Erin Ortiz ♥ (can’t find her channel name!) (Great channel, very sweet girl, great nail polish picks!)
Karina Kaboom ♥ (I love that Karina likes to SHOP and upload everyday!)
MissHollyBerries ♥ (Great nail polish knowledge and picks!)