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NOTD: Essie, Guchi Muchi Puchi | alovetart


April 3rd, 2011 by Mary

NOTD: Essie, Guchi Muchi Puchi

LOVE!  I had a hard time picking out a polish I wanted to wear today.. When this happens, my husband loves stepping in and grabbing colors he thinks I should try (he’s a good sport like that!)

He first pulled out OPI’s ‘Hey! Get in Lime’ from one of my polish drawers- to which I replied, “too many layers required, I’m not in the mood! roar!” Next, he grabbed Orly’s ‘It’s Up To Blue’ and I shot that color down just as fast.  Nothing seemed to fit my indescribable mood! Bah!

…But then this little treasure was discovered.  Aw! a lovely soft baby pink!  It’s all squishy and cute!  So happy.  Sure it required 4 layers for a perfectly even application, and I was generally trying to avoid that issue, but it was so worth the hassle.  Guchi Muchi Puchi is so subtle, yet pretty and eye catching.

The only problem: I went through a third of the mini bottle using it just this once!  dang.  I definitely need this one in a full size- *writes it down in notebook.


3 Responses to “NOTD: Essie, Guchi Muchi Puchi”
  1. [...] those are there too!  I heard Fiji was pretty opaque, and I enjoy that in a light color.  Essie’s Guchi Muchi Puchi has made itself a special place in my heart, a squishy jelly light baby pink.  Fiji has made a [...]

  2. Jenelle says

    I love this! I went straight to ebay and picked up a bottle. You will be the death of my budget!
    -Jenelle :)

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