Under the Eyes: Diffusing Powder (Benefit)


I picked up Benefit’s Powderflage a few months back and have been trying it out every since.  Here are my thoughts on the product.

What do you think?  Would you mind adding this step into your routine?  Have you used something like this before?

..I guess I’m one of those people that really enjoys the process of applying makeup.  I LOVE my mornings; I get up a tiny bit earlier than I need to to casually apply my makeup and slowly sip some coffee.  I enjoy wearing Powderflage because it makes me feel more “done”, more polished, more finished. And I’m loving the lip color!

Here’s my review:

One thought on “Under the Eyes: Diffusing Powder (Benefit)

  1. Rob P

    I love your video about the mascara for bottom lashes. You do not need to purchase a makeup remover even for waterproof mascara. I use Johnson and Johnson’s “No More Tears” Baby bath or shampoo. It takes of even waterproof mascara, does not make your eyes water and is gentle. I have used it all my life for makeup remover and to bathe and shower…would not even consider anything else. I am 75 and I get so many compliments on my skin…..Thanks to J&J…….

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