Wet’n’Wild nail polish, ManiCurve brush review!


I came across Wet’n’Wild’s new nail polish line today! This is the Megalast ManiCurve Pro Brush collection in Through the Grapevine.

First off, the bottle is actually quite cute! The sides have Essie-like imprinted text.. the bottle feels heavy and substantial.

I only choose 2 colors, but could have grabbed a few more.  Nothing absolutely unique, but the colors are very rich! I don’t own it to compare, but on the nails- Through the Grape Vine reminds me of Demi by Zoya. A very pretty pinky-purple cream formula that’s opaque in a single coat.  Pictured here is 2 layers, for a bit more depth and staying power.

So this ManiCurve brush reminds me a lot of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure brush, kind of flat with rounded edges to fit your nail bed nicely. We all know how I feel about the Complete Salon Manicure brush, so I was quite excited for another line to give it a shot!

I feel like the brush is a bit too wide, the bristles are sticking out at different lengths and, quite frankly, there are too many of them!  It was a bit fluffy at the end. It was difficult to keep away from the edges, to keep from flooding the cuticle.

SO! What do you do with this bit of information? Scrape most of the polish off and use a very light hand.  After getting used to it, this brush is totally doable!  Even though I was getting all Debbie Downer, it just took some getting used to.

I’m looking forward to trying out I Need A Re-Fresh Mint next! Stay tuned loves, happy Friday! And I hope to test the wear of these puppies soon.

Do you guys have any favorite brushes?  Which brand works best for your application?

It’s my hubbys birthday weekend, so I should really start planning a celebratory manicure.  Glitter me thinks? :D

Also, this is one of those colors that photographs funky, it’s a tad more purple than pink here.  xoxo

7 thoughts on “Wet’n’Wild nail polish, ManiCurve brush review!

  1. Jessie Henshaw

    I like the brush quite a lot, but for some reason they went to all the trouble and didn’t find a way to taper the cut. When you bend the brush the top whiskers extend beyond the central ones, making it’s coverage as the nail edges uneven… It’s still a great brush, but annoying that they didn’t find some way to have it meet nail edges smoothly…

  2. Christine

    New subbie here! You gotta check out Rimmels “hard metal” cause after viewing all your haulss, I think that you’d love that color! :) xoxo

  3. I love the color! So many lines have the flat-ish brushes now, which is fine, but it’s annoying when they aren’t cut evenly! I had that problem with the Spoiled nail polishes by Wet n Wild and I was not pleased!

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