NOTD ♥ Sally Hansen Breezy Blue!


Breezy Blue

Today’s nail of the day is Sally Hansen Breezy Blue! I posted a picture of me wearing this one on Instagram, and I had a TON of great guesses as to what was on my nails! @kendrauu guessed right, it’s Sally Hansen Breezy Blue!
This one is so light and fluffy in color, it’s just so gorgeous and slightly shimmery! My only issue is having to use 3 coats, and it still being SEMIsheer. That’s a tad annoying. I also have some tip wear after wearing this for just about 24 hours! I wonder if it was just too goopy to wrap the nail with properly. I think this is similar to Sinful Colors Cinderella, I don’t own that one but it comes to mind for sure. I wonder if that formula is any better! I’ll keep it on for another few days, mostly because the color is so niiiice and looks lovely with my nails being a tad longer. Love you guys!


10 thoughts on “NOTD ♥ Sally Hansen Breezy Blue!

  1. Nancy

    Have you tried Sally Hansen complete salon manicure line? Do you think it is as good as the Covergirl one? Also, what do you think about Liquid Paradise? Is it worth the steep price?

  2. Tiffany

    Love this color on you! A fellow nail lover, I recently picked up 3 of the new Flower Beauty nail lacquers. Have you tried those yet? I told you about the CoverGirl nail glosses and these look just as fun but more spring and summer shades! It’s great to see someone who loves polish as much as I do, I even do a Tips & Toes of the week, each week in my blog! :)

  3. I have Cinderella and it is also sheer (as mentioned above) but I agree the shimmer is worth it. It also looks nice as 2 coats over top a similar blue as “underwear”.

  4. Pauline

    Hi Mary. Lovely colour. Have you ever heard of Leighton Denny nail polish? I really think that you would love that brand ;-)
    Looking forward to seeing more of your reviews.

  5. Tamara

    I have SC Cinderella & love it. It is also very sheer, but the pink shimmer in it is gorgeous! I’ve gotten away with 2 coats before..

  6. Sophie (from Montreal )

    Hi Mary! I too was disappointed by how sheer this gorgeous polish is, even after 3 coats. But I tried this: put on one coat of an opaque white and then only 1 or 2 coats of Breezy Blue. I was
    satisfied with the result. Try this next time, and tell me what you think ! 

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